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The Little Things Posted on 2016-02-16 by Christopher Freeland

Today, I went on a shoot with my mentor at a props warehouse. We were shooting a promo for a local church's "Adventure week". The theme of it is Sherlock Holmes, so the video was of a bumbling detective who's not as smart as he thinks he is and his assistant who really does all the work. It was a funny video to shoot and I was a grip and boom mic operator. Our DP had the idea to make the lights look like they were shining through blinds for one scene to give it a more noir look. This small change helped give the scene immense ambiance that it did not have before. It just goes to show that the smallest things can have the biggest difference. Also, we couldn't find any shades so we ended up rigging an old sled in front of an Arri light with some C stands to get the same efffect. Anything can be ghetto rigged.

One of the more interesting parts of the shoot was getting to meet the props master. He took us around his warehouse showing us his various props he's built and collected over the years. It was really amazing. I didn't think listening to a 70 year old man talk about how he designed and built a giant model of the first ferris wheel could be so interesting but it was. You always forget how much work goes into the little things and how important they all are.

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