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Connecticut Squared Posted on 2016-02-26 by Christopher Freeland

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Through the course of Lesson #3 I have been to Connecticut twice with my mentor. I am currently writing from my hotel room right now on the tail end of the second trip. We have come up here for the same company, Inspira Marketing, but for different shoots. Inspira handles a ton of huge clients that, in turn, we get to shoot for. Diageo (owners of Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, Ketel 1, Crowne Royal, and Don Julio), Snuggle, All, Life is Good, Thomas' English Muffins and Bagels, Sara Lee, and Make-A-Wish are all clients of Inspira. The first time we came up here was to shoot for Make-A-Wish. We had to film a girl named Anna's wish coming true which was an amazing experience to see, but a nightmare to shoot. Her wish was to give this dog shelter a nice room for the dog's to play in and a yard for them to play in that she could come to whenever she wanted. The finished product was amazing, but at the unveiling we were crammed in a room with thousands of dollars worth of equipment surrounded by way too many people who didn't care and had little to no direction from the client. My mentor, Chris Brank, and our awesome producer, Brendon Hamlin handled it awesomely though. It was a very hectic and long ordeal but they didn't freak out and just helped us get the best stuff we could get. I learned on this that the film industry can be crazy at times, but freaking out never solves anything and the best thing to do is to just keep your cool and work through it as a team.

Our next trip up to Connecticut was a little more relaxed. This time instead of making a video for one of Inspira's clients we were working on one for them. This was a fun experience becuase most of the work we have done for them so far has been very run and gun type of event shooting, but this time we got to take our time and set up interviews in their office and really utilize our equipment and show them what we could do. We had to rent a lot of lights and stand becuase obviously we couldn't take a ton of C stands and KinoFlos on a plane but we did bring a couple of out light panels and with the rentals we had 3 LitePanels, 2 KinoFlo Diva lights, and 4 smaller LEDs. It wasn't ideal, our DP, David kept saying he wished we had a big ARRI that we could just blast in a corner to fill the whole room. We made the interviews look great though, even going as far to tape a small LED on top of a light fixture in the room to get just the look we wanted. I enjoy working with our producer, Brendan, he brings an outside perspective to all our shoots that really adds a lot. While we'll be too focused on the little things he sees the big things we miss.

Overall we worked a lot of long and some times frustrating hours on these trips, but overall I learned a ton about lighting trying to get this huge room lit just the right way, how to work in a high stress environment, and that taking the extra time to make sure everything is perfect is worth it.

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