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First lesson 4/20 Posted on 2018-04-23 by Paul Petrauskas

Had my first lesson with my instructor Mathew Leslie. We Watched movies scenes from The movie Casablanca and compared it to the movie scenes on how they differentiate from each other. For instance there was a scene where Casablanca where the camera was fixated on the actress and the lighting was perfect on her. The French New Wave came and not all their scenes were like that. For example the movie Breathless there was a particular scene that we went over and spoke about how the camera angle was to the woman's back and not her face. These films were made by the artist their self giving the movie its own unique style to it and not following their American production tradition. Break the rules and make your way of making films. I like the idea of doing that. It intrigues me knowing that I can make a film with out following any rules. 

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