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Working with my mentor at a Comcast for a live interview broadcast and during a basketball game setup. Posted on 2018-03-10 by Sang Nguyen Tran

02-20-2018 Live interview broadcast. 03-03-2018 Live basketball game.

I know it's been a while since I updated my blog but life has been pretty busy for me, especially over the holidays. I managed to catch up things and it's been going great!

Mathew Leslie, who is my mentor, has been very good at informing and teaching me everything there is to know on and off the set. During a setup at Comcast he showed me how lights work, and what kind of lights are used for which purposes. He was great at letting me know why the light is used for that purpose, and which ones to use when needed. I know I still have a lot more to learn but I hope to do so as we progress. Working with Mathew has been an honor, and being able to setup for a live broadcast showed me the differences between shooting live and recording for production.

The basketball game which was also shot live was quite intruguing. I got to see the camera man in action, and how they setup. Meeting Mathew's comcast crew was awesome! Each and everyone of them were nice and welcoming. They are really good people and that made it easy to learn from them. I am fortunate enough to take this as a learning opportunity on what to expect when working with a crew. I wish I had images but unfortunately I get so wrapped up in the process that I forget to take pictures or videos. Hopefully I will soon as I get more involved in the field.

There is a production meeting coming soon so I will be happy to update on what I learn from that as well. This will be exciting because I get to learn what it takes to budget and talk about post-production. Til next time, see ya around!

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