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Major: Writing/Directing

I was born and raised in Fort Collins Colorado. I currently work at king Soopers, which is a groccery store for those of you who don't know. I have loved stories, ever scince I can remember. During the last few years of high school, I started screenwriting. After writing for a long time, I started to realize that maybe screenwriting wasn't the only thing that I wanted to do. After looking back on some of the old (and corny) movies that I made as a child, I realized that I wanted to start directing the movies that I have written. The genres that I am a huge personal fan of are action, sci-fi/ fantasy, and drama. But I like watching all different kinds of films. I love movies that strive to be original in their own way and try to break the mold. When it comes down to making a good movie, the most important thing to me is having a compelling story. That is my main goal for everything I am involved with.

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Brandon Mathews

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