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Major: Directing

I began my crazy life journey in Winder, GA. There, I spent my entire childhood, graduated high school, did a little college and began doing sound/DJ work for weddings and parties. I was always a loner, an introvert all throught my youth. This gave me an interest in acting because I had the notion that it would force me to seem like an extrovert while pretending, it seemed easier. I had this aspiration for a few years but then I went to see Scream in theaters in 1996 at the age of 13. The movie was extremely effective and entertaining to me. It was a very special and fresh experience. Half way through the movie, it dawned on me 'these actors may be decent but they're not the ones that made this movie what it's the director!' At that moment I CRAVED to be the puppet master, not the puppet. I wanted to speak to people, move people, effect people with showing my mind through motion art! It was no chance that I went to see Scream either. Horror/Thriller are my favorite genre and I grew up on movies that most parents would cringe to see their child watching. They were my best friends. They were always there when I was down or depressed which happened quite often being a morbidly obese child for over a decade. My movies kept me company and tookme to another world when I couldn't handle reality. This is where my interest in film truly began. I wanted to grow up and continue the art of entertaining kids, just like me, by taking them to other realities when they didn't have the true means to do so. 

By the end of high school my goal was simple, 'GO TO FILM SCHOOL!!!'. That proved hard thoughseeing as my parents would never pay for such a long shot and there weren't any close film schools near my small town. My father forced me to go to a technical college that offered nothing remotely close to my ultimate goal, directing. I did a year there and never went back. I was just a wheel on a broken axel spinning in the air, going nowhere. I began odd jobs including doing sound for weddings and parties. I got some camera work filming the weddings as well and began usingmy nieces and nephew as actors for little film projects. We both enjoyed it so it was a win-win. Hopefully I can get into the buisness and guide them the same direction if they so desire later in life.

At this point in life, my 19-24th years, I was still obese and painfully shy most days. I felt like a beast in a world of beauty. I still kept trucking however because I KNEW my dream would happen. I just had to keep moving forward! At the age of 24 I realized I had been doing nothing jobs and it was time to make my move. I bought a treadmill, ran on it religiously, got into taebo and lost 110 lbs within 10 months. This raised my confidence ten-fold! Now that I was in shape and fit, the sky was the limit. I was ready to conquer everything I had ever desired. This meant somehow getting out of my small town and to the right school. I joined the Navy thinking it would be the perfect scenerio. I'd get paid, get money for school, have free room/board, get life/social experiences, get contacts, find special places, become more well-rounded and most of all get plastic surgery to remove all my loose skin from the weight lose. It did end up making me better with being personable but I ended up getting stationed in GA and I was back to where I started. I had got all I could gain from the Navy after about 18 months but I signed a 4 year contract and I finish what I start so I just kept trucking through the pain and mental anguish because I knew deep down I was doing it for school,my dream! FINALLY came the day for my surgery and this was just 10 months away from my discharge from my term. I had been waiting on this surgery for 4 long years. I got the surgery, finished up my work on the boat, shoke my Captain's hand and was on my way once again as a civilian. I had already been excepted to the Colorado Film School at this point and I moved straight from south GA to Aurora CO. I started film school 10 months ago and am now starting the Film Connection Program and am excited for my future endeavors!

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Mark Doster

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Mark Doster

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