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Mark Doster

Lesson #12Posted by Mark Doster on 2013-11-08

I didn't do as much book lesson as I did hands-on work this time around. I went and observed my mentor as he shot a music video for a collaboration of about seven artists... Read More >>

Mark Doster

Lessons 10 & 11Posted by Mark Doster on 2013-10-21

18Oct2013. Lessons 10 & 11 with the mentor this week. We went over building a climax, which was in perfect time seeing as I was up to writing my 2nd act for my feature script! A 2nd act which gave me a headache, but that's entirely a different story... Read More >>

Mark Doster

Lessons 8 & 9!Posted by Mark Doster on 2013-10-13

Had another lesson with my mentor, we went over chapters 8 & 9. I usually will go through the chapters with a semi-ease but chapter 9 kind of began to halt me and it wasn't as easily absorbed... Read More >>