Doug TullochConnecticut Film Connection

Major: Commercials, Short Documentaries

Doug Tulloch an event Videographer, and owner of Drannbug Film Productions since 1994, not being sufficiently challenged in bringing the true Hollywood creative arts to his video productions  decided to enter the world of filmmaking just over a year ago, to become a Screenwriter/Director at the highly acclaimed Film Connection film school California. 

Upon comconcluding film school this year, he has written his first comedy feature film \"The Immigrant\" pending production.

Doug holds a doctorate degree in Philosophy of Theology and still favors lecturing college (The Master Degree Course) one night per week in New York City, a passion he loves dearly. 

He resides in Bridgeport Connecticut close to the water front with wife Ruth and their four children, being a lover of the sea he\'s often seen at Seaside Park on days off working  out new ideas for a number of up coming film projects, he intends to write, produce and direct his own work in the near future.