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What I've been doing Posted on 2017-04-17 by Patrick Pereira

I've been doing things for the past while and I haven't written anything because I didn't feel what I did was worthy of writing about, but recently I've figured I'm being a little harsh on myself, so I'm going to catch up on everything. First few times I met my local mentor we mostly worked on reviewing the quizzes for the textbook I have and also working on a documentary for a family here. The family has done a large amount of work for the local area, especially for the Jewish community, but also in many other aspects as well. Throughout the time he worked on the project, I was able to see how he got a transcript of the interview that had already been taken, chose the parts he wanted, wrote the times in which those things happened, trim things down to where a good length that had enough information, get pictures from the family, add the pictures, give them color (or take it away) and sometimes add motion to the photos. It ended up finished on time and enjoyed by the family. During that time we also selected stock footage for a commercial he was to make for a pet product. Took much longer than we expected to find the footage, and I wasn't able to be there to work with him on editting, so when I went back over I learned the finishing up parts to make the commercial cable TV standard. Then we arrive to more recently, where he has been given some footage from artists (painters) in China that was a sloppy mix between a documentary and promo that ended up making a large amount of unusable footage. While I was there we looked through what was recorded an told me about all the problems with what he shot. Learned a large amount of what not to do's and what to do instead's from that. That's a summary of what happened with my local mentor, so now my screenwriting mentor. From the start I got along great with my screenwriting mentor, which I can also say about my local mentor, but not to the same extent, until now. He has been great to work with and his recommendations on movies to watch to get experience an his insight on what works and doesn't has really helped me progress quickly. What really helped things to go fast is the part that I already understood a good amount about the importance of character and decision. I feel as if we're progressing quickly, but I also feel there's quite a bit more to go. My struggle currently is just finding reasonable ways to put characters in the situations I want to put them in. I'm being vague about everything because I want to emphasize more about what I'm learning rather than what I'm writing. That's a summary of what's happening so far with my screenwriting mentor. As for what I'm doing myself, I'm trying my best to learn more. I have a friend who goes to a school that has IB Film Studies, whereas my school has no such class (for the matter we don't even have any sort of creative video production class, but I'll get to that). I bother this friend, asking what she's learned and what's she's watched, to the point it seems I might be annoying her (or she might just not like talking about the class) so I've avoided talking about the it now. I also have another friend who really enjoys watching movies, probably even more than me, and he is always happy to send me links to Youtube videos talking about techniques in movies or just recommending entertainment and sometimes discussing them. I say entertainment an not movies because we also have discussed books and even story-based and driven games, although most of the time it's criticizing that story. My school, as previously mentioned, has no creative video production class, but we do have a journalism class, where my teacher allowed me during the beginning of the school year (before I started doing this school) to work on any short film ideas I had, as long as I allowed them to be put in the school's announcements to entertain the school. The short films are focused on school personas, and one of them was even done as a favor for the school's head of security (based on Pokemon Go, had some help with that one so that we could push it out on time). I showed these to my local mentor, who gave me advice on what to change and what to avoid for next time. I was told is was pretty good for someone who was never taught anything before, but they may just be compliments, I'll never know. On my own time, I always enjoy inviting friends to movies or just hanging out (part of me hopes conversation of movies or stories are brought up so we can discuss those), as well as watching movies myself, researching things for the story that I'm writing, or working on the quizzes/assignments the textbook has. I honestly do enjoy everything that this school makes or recommends I do because I really enjoy and love any work with film, might as well not call it work. That's a little cheesy but the best way I could put it to words, I'm no poet.

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Patrick Pereira

What I've been doingPosted by Patrick Pereira on 2017-04-17

I've been doing things for the past while and I haven't written anything because I didn't feel what I did was worthy of writing about, but recently I've figured I'm being a little harsh on myself, so I'm going to catch up on everything... Read More >>