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APRIL 7, 2017 Posted on 2017-04-07 by Charl Jordaan

Met with Kevin yesterday at his house to go over Chapter 5 questions and to discuss the prior days shoot at the Rubels in Wynwood Miami.

The Rubels art collection studio in Wynwood was pretty impressive. Lots of open space and I felt a sence of creativity. I arrived a little early 1:30 to setup. Rest of crew arrived just after 2pm. 

Tested all my gear. Using my new DVX-200 4k. All working great with my new Senheizer lav mic. Rubels surprised us with a 3rd person wanting to join (Juan) for the interview. Kevin came prepared with one other Lav Mic, but not a 3rd, so we had to place each mic on opposote sides hoping for good audio...  Kevin tested his lav mic but we quickly figured out that his lav was not working... so entire process was filmed with my camera and one lav-mic only.

Overall i feel we could have planned this a little better, but as Kevin said this happens.

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