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The First Week! Posted on 2016-01-14 by Jillian Tardiff

Date of Session: Thursday, January 7 and Friday January 8.

Time In: 12pm

Time Out: 6 or 8pm

Lesson #: N/A


I'm a pretty impatient person, but not always in a bad way I think. When I heard about film connection I went right ahead and got myself into it. It took me about a week and I was already in a studio working with my mentor! Okay, so I know that kind of sounds like a review and sorry for that, but it's really cool that I've already started to learn more than I expected within the first 2 days of working in the studio.

I'm going to be learning a lot. Directing/Production/Screenwriting, of course, but also audio recording and graphics and talent work. (My goal is to become a casting director and luckily I'm allowed to start focusing on that a bit when it comes down to the indie film that 21st Century Studios is going to produce soon) Hopefully I'll get to be part of the casting process and I can really learn a lot through that.

For the 2 days I spent working (I interviewed on a Wednesday and got into the studio on Thursday), I learned a lot about organization and keeping things 100% clean and put where it belongs and trust me I have a long way to go with that since I'm not the greatest at cleaning up 100%. I also got to delve into the talent area of what I'd like to learn, going through the books to see what talent is out there and what a comp card is and other information like that. 

We're supposed to be doing a photo session on Friday which will be interesting, as my mentor also does photography. So learning about lighting and set up should be pretty cool.

I can't wait for the indie film to start rolling. I'm really excited about that. 

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