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Whos exempt from the Magic of the film? -A word with the Pros at The Miami Film Festival 2017- Posted on 2017-03-16 by Judit Gonzalez

No one is! I And i wasnt either, at the Miami Film Festival 2017 which just passed this last week, i got entangled within the magic of the film. Camera shots, film crews, wonderful people, the streets of Wynwood and stunning energy exchange from artists all over the world got united during this event.  It was 12pm in the afternoon and the weather was full of sunshine, so shinny and cheerful, people walking , smiling and running their bycycles, all art galleries open, the walls of the street decorating the ambience and everyone tunned in this artistical experience.  Some come to enjoy and other to get the work done, the human networking, films are exposed and awarded and many informative gatherings occur through this days. There i was, with Kevin, my mentor, and he invited me as soon as i gave him my first call couple days before the day of his panel, for he had one going at this Miami Film Festival; "Producing in Florida and Beyond". I was so excited, he wanted us to meet 30 minutes before the starting time and go in together. There he was having a photo shoot at The Screening Room where all directors, producers, photographers,students, beginners, intermediate and few others were gathering about all that was to happen.  He handed me a camera the minute we went in and said: "you are working today", this is on and off, flash and no flash button , he said: "point there, press once, it focused , press twice and Flash i took my first shot, thats it , he said.  I swallowed , smiled and said i got you, im taking pictures of everything, then I asked myself, what do i take pictures of it was my first time? And thats when it started, i caught myself taking a knee, sneaking through the panel taking close shots, getting people together to pair a picture, and identifying the importance of everything i wanted to say through that lense, what , when and where was happening this Producing and Beyond panel theme of Kevin.  It was fascinating, Dean Lyon(Visual Effects Supervisor of the movie Lord of the rings)(Armageddon) started talking and introduced himself with a video that explain the whole process from pre-production to post-production in the visual effects world since the very beggining, the idea and the story, he explained how it evolves and the importance of knowing the whole of it since the beggining for fixing issues on post-production is definitely more expensive.  Then it was Tom Mohler's turn, who've been involved in the business as the owner of a production company that have 20 networks, produce nothing less than 6 films a month, and is been in the industry for over 20 years.  Director Kevin Sharpler  asked him how is it to see the actual status of the fim industry in comparison with 20 years ago and if he ever expected to be how it is, to what he responded: " Absolutely Not!. He explained the many opportunities that we have now days that we didnt  before to put a product out there, we have Amazon, You tube and all this new web tools, not assuring its success for it also requires preparation but giving many and more hope.  Tom went over the relevance of the product preparation knowing which market is going to and the common mistakes that could be made when not preparing for whats on demand. Andy Shefter ( V for Vendetta) followed Tom and Dean words detailing the importance of preparation to avoid unexpected expenses furthermore but also the many hours that the actual field requires when the clock starts moving within a timeframe not knowing what might arrive but being prepared for. He talked about the power of a good story and how it can overcome budget tools and other obstacles more than the other way around,also the many ways you can save money through exchanges rather than spending. Shona Tucman (worked with Ben Kingsley),told us how she became a Director after producing commercials for a long time, and it was that one day where she said: " i am writing a script" , she did and changed her path for greatness. The biggest struggle she encountered and describe as one of the most important pre production desicions it is the casting, how to match your characters with the actors in the story and integration of all that brings the final product.  Carlos Andres Cuervo , our last panelist introduced what he described as the future of films, the 360 cameras and virtual reality concepts, and he talked about the benefits of it in many industries from health by treating PTSD patients to marketing a content for Real Estate purposes.  The audience was impressed with the way he show all his equipments and how his cameras, lighting, sound and all needed to make a production fit in his backpack.  Kevin then asked other panelist if they would introduce this platform to what most and the audience were very opened to. He then opened the forum to the audience and from students , to producers to current collaborators shared concerns and ideas. At the end they all got together in one tought, do networking, do not quit, stay consistent and have the courage to follow your dreams by taking as many NO neccesary to get to the one opportunity, that day when someone said YES and you get it quite done! Lastly, it all relies on a Great Story, that is whatl you need, one great story! It was all over, and  I was so connected to all surroundings , i knew at that moment i was learning, the magic of the film, and it was exhilarating.  I took couple more shots at the end of some of the directors with Kevin , hand him the camera and departed, yet i had recently just started reinventing myself.  I was so fullfilled with the magic of expressing life thorugh films, the struggle of the product but how powerful and rewarding this end is, and wanted to ask the world, Whos exempt from the magic of the film?

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