Ofu ObekpaGeorgia Film Connection

Major: Post Production

Mr. Ofu Obekpa is a screenwriter/Actor/producer.He received his bachelor’s degree at the University of Maine Machias for Business Administration/Marketing. He moved to Atlanta to pursue his film career. He has been acting since the age of five and still polishing his acting skills from time to time with Shannon Eubanks an acclaimed actress. He took a Ken Feinberg certification screenwriting course in 2007. He has never looked back since then. In addition to his production and acting work, Mr. Obekpa is a knight of St. Columbus; a charitable organization in his church that helps the elderly and non-privileged. He is also an enthusiastic St. Johns fan, which his younger brother plays for. He helped to direct/produce/act/and write in movies and stage plays such as Run, Diamonds Aren’t Forever, Gombo and Masters. He recently wrote/stared and produced a movie called “Assassins” which is currently in post production. He currently resides in Atlanta Ga.

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