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Major: Directing, screenwriting, and producing.

I\'m Devontte DeCaul and I\'m currently in the directing and screenwriting program. I decided to do this because its a place where I can let my ideas flourish and thrive under the guidance of a great mentor to better them as well. My dream for directing and screenwriting came about awhile back when I would just tell my friends random plots and here their responses to them. Someone later told I should look into making my ideas into film, and the Film connection is the platform for me to start this process. 

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Devontte Decaul

DpPosted by Devontte Decaul on 2016-10-13

I have been getting a lot of shooting done recently being the Dp of one of my peers projects. In my opinion being a dp means you must be very vocal also listening to the director to get the best story on camera... Read More >>