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Ivan Maurice Trevino is an aspiring director, screenwriter, and producer and would also like to dabble in acting. He\'s currently a Desktop Support Technician at Elavon which is a credit card processing company. Ivan has had 2 years experience in college having taken a couple of art courses as well as 4 courses in high school. The Director, Screenwriter, & Producer program is what he is currently enrolled in within The Film Connection. He hopes to create stories that he can be happy with and that audiences will love; making a future career in the gaming industry is something he is striving to do as well. Ivan\'s a Hip Hop and Rock, more on the metal side, enthusiast. 

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Ivan Trevino

Been A WhilePosted by Ivan Trevino on 2017-03-07

Hey there! Been a while since i made my last post. A lot has happened since then. I was able to participate in the horror film with Jason and it was an awesome yet rigorous experience... Read More >>

Ivan Trevino

The Next PartPosted by Ivan Trevino on 2016-12-04

It's been a great while again since I've made a post, but thankfully I got some exciting stuff to talk about. I will say though that Jason and I have put my original short film on hold and thought up of another short idea so it could make the 10-12 min requirements and something that wouldn't cost as much to make... Read More >>