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Discovering the Tone of the Shot Posted on 2018-06-21 by Jakari Barnette

It was June 19th, 2018 where I was invited by my mentor, Mr. Steve Carmichael to a house where lived his friend who has worked on a documentary with him for over two years. They invited me for a surprise opportunity that had a lot in store to share with me knowledge that I would be able to take in. I got a chance to be introduced to another student as well while being inside the home. As we approached upstairs, we came inside this lab kind of set up where there was camera equipment and Apple Computers set up for operations. Mr. Carmichael and his friend were finding composers online who had the right fitting music for their documentary that was based on kids in the school system along with construction workers building new properties. They had a chance to show me the website that entailed many different instrumentals that suit best for any material. But the two friends were precise about how they wanted to set the tone for their documentary. Something triumphant, warm, successful and fitting in the age group 35 and below. Meanwhile, they got to show me on Adobe software program how they took a shot and edited a few parts in the documentary, showing the conversations between the construction workers. While at that, we got to enjoy a nice lunch, it was an amazing experience to be around. I learned a lot about setting a tone for your film and knowing how to captivate your audience if you want to have a successful film. 

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