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June 1st, 2016 Posted on 2016-06-02 by Joseph Austin Daugherty

Today was my first day working with filmmaker Jason Winn. We shot a video for a client who is teaching classes to fitness business about people who only come when they get free classes and how to get them to sign up for a membership. I didn't work with any of the equipment today since it was my first time ever seeing any of it. We did work with a RED Epic with a 25 mm ArriFlex lens and we did other shots with an 85 mm lens and recorded the sound on a Zoom H4N hooked up to lav mic. Today I also did lesson one: intro to genre. The lesson pretty much went over how director funded and started making movies for much less than movies that are being made now and also went over the auteur theoory that Francois Truffaut intorduced. I am excited for what else this program has instore for me and my future. Tomrrow Jason is going to help me with Adobe Primere and how to use it, I am very excited about that.

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