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Update Posted on 2016-10-13 by Joseph Austin Daugherty

I haven't written an entry in awhile so here is what has been happening since my last one. I wrote, directed, and edited a silent film that I have posted on youtube at  I have also been doing camera work and acting in the other students projects which is always exciting. One day while we were have class the famous Michael Dunaway just popped in to talk to us, that was a breath I can never get back. I have never met someon of his caliber in my life it was pretty surrael to me, He was talking about his lastest film titled 6 Love stories and how they were achieving the movie. Now I am writing a short about the mob that I will be pitching to my mentor next Tuesday but before that on Saturday I will be helping two of my fellow student out with a narritive horror film they are directing and DPing by grippping and electrical work then later on that day I will be helping my mentor out on a shoot about a group of girl skateboarders here in Atlanta so my weekend is packed.


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