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                       LUIS PALACIO

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        16-year experienced bilingual executive in Media, Marketing, Communication industries with strong

leadership and solid problem- solving skills. Attained hands-on expertise on

         co-creation of 5 successful digital platforms targeting domestic, international technology-

         driven consumers generating a $8 Million yearly revenue and arousing brand

         positioning in 30 states in the U.S. and overseas. Involvement in 3 innovative film and

         commercial  projects stretching from creative process, screenwriting, and production for

         Media and Marketing industries segmented to audiences in Latam, Asia, and Europe.


CORE COMPETENCIES________________________________________

       Product Development and Management           Media, Video & Film Direction, Production.

       Marketing Strategy and Customer Research     Commercial and Movie Screen Writing 

       Diverse-Market Campaign Design                     DA /PA in Commercial and Film Projects

       Data Analysis and Business Engagement         Digital Content Creation and Management


KEY ACHIEVEMENTS__________________________________

  • Successfully managed a robust market portfolio generating $8 Million in revenue yearly
  • Co-created conceptually, provided marketing research and POS streamline via digital media to more than 5 sales digital platforms.
  • Co-founded a brand-new market pipeline for the company arousing brand positioning and product establishment in more than 30 states in the U.S.
  • Recognized BEST EMPLOYEE of the Year -2013.
  • Successfully coached and managed a diverse network of 20+ of sales managers, distributors, commercial partners, designers, Marketing assistants, production crew.


PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE_________________________


   Film Connection Professional Projects.                                        Atlanta- GA                    

           AD, PA & Screen Writer, Editor                                               Jan 2016– Present

  • PA & Casting Assistant – “Dead Thirsty”  Feature Movie                                       
  • PA & Light  - “Let’s Make it” Feature Movie
  • Director & 2Nd Camera  “4:20” – Program Short Silent Movie
  • Director, Producer and Writer “Mucha Lucha” Wrestling Documentary
  • PA – I” Will Be Fine” – Music Video
  • Screenwriter – “Social Love” Feature Movie.


  Lunex Group – International Prepaid Telecommunication.                 Atlanta, GA

   National Marketing & Sales Team Leader                                       February 2009 -Present                                                                                                                                                          

  • Responsible for supporting Marketing and Sales campaigns targeting multi-ethnic customers resulting in a sustainable sales portfolio of $8 million annually.
  • Supported with Radio, T.V Shows, press releases content in various formats to penetrate untapped markets for the company, creating massive customer’s awareness.
  • Marketing Research, implementation and execution of coordinated strategies to position our prepaid electronic services, products in multi-ethnic markets communities in the U.S and abroad such as India, Philippines, Latin-America. (e.g. Cuba, P.R, South America)
  • Coordinate Trade-shows, networking conventions to introduce new developments, and technologies to diverse channels such as money transfer, wireless chain stores, mobile and cable operators, independent contractors and Media networks.
  • Management of cross-functional teams of 20 members including, designers, Marketing assistants, Sales Managers, Art directors, National distribution partners.


    LISY CORPORATION – A Huff Affiliated Management, LLC                             Atlanta,GA

     Communication & Marketing Manager- South E. Region              March 2006 – December 2008


  • Responsible for monthly budgets and sales performance for key accounts and major

            retailers such as Walmarts, Krogers, B2B, consumer goods suppliers.

  • Implementation of seasonal promotions and push-up events such as Food Shows and Industry seminars to incorporate the company’s brands adjacent states such as Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, South and North Carolina.
  • Responsible for 25% sales increase in the two years. Reported weekly results and sales forecast to National Sales VP.
  • Created core and peripheral market research based on reliable data analysis to measure customers’ loyalty, purchase habits developing innovative methods to increase our customer’s retention to a 5%.




Georgia State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business            Atlanta, GA                  Master of Science in Marketing Communication                                                                                       G.P.A: 3.7                         December-2017                                             


Film Connection, Mentorship Program                                                                                                                                 Atlanta, GA 

Digital Film Direction, Production, ScreenwritingTrack                                          July, 2017  

Weekly Intensity Program                                          G.P.A.:  A       



Del Norte University, College of Communication                              Barraquilla, Col.                        

Bachelor of Science in Journalism, Mass Media and Production                       December, 2000.   

Honored Graduate Student                                       G.P.A:  3.9                                               



INVOLVEMENT & AWARDS__________________________________

          American Marketing Association             Active Member              October-2016

          L.A. Film Club Association                      Active Member               October -2016

          Hispanic Chamber of Commerce            Active Member                August- 2010         



              MS Office, Film/Video Equipment, Premiere Pro, CRM, Qualtrics Research








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