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Steven Carpenter

I finished my course today!!!Posted by Steven Carpenter on 2016-12-11

That's right! After starting last May 2015 I finally finished EVERTHING! I completed my script Sept. 19th, attended a film production class in October, my sizzle reel and pitch in November, and now my final lesson 21 today! I look forward to receiving my Film Connection, writing, directing and producing certificate! Read More >>

Steven Carpenter

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Movie reviewPosted by Steven Carpenter on 2016-11-14

My wife and I just saw this movie Friday night. It was very funny and make us laugh alot. It was a silly plot but it didn't matter because the lines were good and the acting and the scenes were outrageous! The unfolding of the plot was actually quite brilliant about two guy friends needing to find quality dates for their older sister's wedding in Hawaii... Read More >>