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Major: screenwriting, directing, and producing

Hello, my name is Talmadge Broome and I currently live in Covington, Georgia. I'm 19 years old and I'm a filmmaker. Filmmaking is a part of me, it's in my blood, it has shaped my creativity from the earliest I can remember. There is no greater rush for me than the moment, that one moment, when the theater lights slowly dim and in the still silence of anticipation an image strikes life onto a seemingly lifeless, dark backdrop with vivid motion and color. I love that moment, I live for it. In that moment you can be immersed into a character, story, or world one can only dream of living in. And I know, without a doubt, I was born to create many more moments on the big screen just like that for other people. In the words of the famous movie director/producer Steven Spielberg, I too, want to "dream for a living."

I guess you could say my obsession for film started at the young age of 2 years old. My family almost always makes a point to tell embarrasing stories of me to friends. One story in particular and not so embarrasing as the others, is about how much I loved to watch the movies Jurassic Park and Disney's Dumbo when I was 2. I know, it's a weird combination for a toddler right? But back to the story, I loved these two films so much that I would watch them multiple times, non-stop, every single day. It's a miracle the VHS tapes didn't oblitorate and that I didn't drive my parents completely crazy (maybe just a little bit) with the obsessive monotony of it all. I've always wondered if that little story qualifies me as mentally insane. Why was my little, 2 year old brain so entranced by these distinctly different films? Well I have an answer to that question, Disney's cartoon Dumbo is a great example of superb storytelling. Dumbo has all the right emotion, character arches, and use of imagery that a film can possibly have. It's compelling to anyone whether they're 2 to 76 years old.  If you haven't seen this film and you're an aspiring director or screenwriter, I suggest you do so, this film can help you in so many ways with story structure. You'll thank me! And yeah, yeah, I know...Sounds ridiculous that some cartoon movie for a targeted audience of tiny children can do so much but trust me. With Jurassic Park the answer is simple, it's a Spielberg plus it has dinosaurs. You can't go wrong with Spielberg, he knows how to capture his audience like some guitar wielding rockstar at a drug induced concert. He's genuis.

Everyday since Jurassic Park and Dumbo I've been hooked. I can probably say with confidence that I made an effort to watch a new film everyday. I would try to get my hands on any movie or book about movie directors and their work. But the film bug hit me really hard when I was probably around 11 years old. I just saw the original King Kong with behind the scenes footage for the first time. Need I say more? This film is one of largest contributers for inspiring big-name Hollywood filmmakers ever. One filmmaker of which happens to be... You guessed it! Steven Spielberg. After seeing King Kong, I had to get my hands on a camera. I asked my parents for a camera and my mom pulled out this old canon camcorder with super zoom that had been buried in one of those drawers of forgotten miscellaneous objects and gadgets. If you're normal you have one of those drawers in your house somewhere, don't lie. I took the camera and started shooting stop-motion monsters films just like King Kong. I later shot a few live action short films with friends, siblings and cousins.

When highschool rolled around I had stopped shooting films mostly because I couldn't find anyone interested in doing a serious project and I started a new hobby of professional fine arts oil painting. Painting really helped me develop my ability to communicate my creative vision. With painting I learned the psychological and emotional value of color, tone, and contrast. Oil painting for me, was a great tool added to my tool belt for directing and the creative process of film. I continue to paint and I've had my paintings held at two fine art auctions and have sold numerous pieces by means of commission and word of mouth.

During my Junior year of highschool I once again entered into the wonderful world of film. I had just enrolled into an art and college preparatory school, I took classes such as elements of production in theatre and video editing and production. These classes put me in contact with a lot of talented people with the same interests as me. In my video editing and production course, I and other students had the chance to shoot some short student films and promotional adds.

After I graduated highschool, I was stuck trying to figure out how to actually get started in the complex, seclusive business of filmmaking. I applied to production companies without any luck, I couldn't afford the pricey film trade schools or colleges. I was stuck in a rut. My dream of directing films was taking a beating but I still knew I was going to make it as a filmmaker non-the-less. And then one faithful day, my loving momma found Film Connection on the internet. Soon after, I quit my job as a manager of a small town retail store and took up a higher paying job at a roof truss factory to get money together for school. After 6 or 7 months of hard labor, I had enough money to enroll. I am currently under the mentorship of a successful film director and producer named Jason Winn and pursuing directing, screenwriting, and producing as a career. The road to success is far from over but I'm definitely proud to be here.

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