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Steve Stark

assignment/blog 16Posted by Steve Stark on 2013-05-24

This lesson was mostly about how to get your vision across to the cinematographer and production staff.  Since I will be doing most of this myself except for audio and some camera work this was good knowledge to understand... Read More >>

Steve Stark

Assignment/blog 15Posted by Steve Stark on 2013-05-24

Lesson 15 gets into more of the pre-production stages.  explains about trucks, base camp, and time.  Everything will need to be planned out to the minute so every second is utilized to get the best coverage needed... Read More >>

Steve Stark

assignment/blog 10Posted by Steve Stark on 2013-05-20

The third part of the directing is about storyboarding and getting a directors workbook.  It will be easier to get what you want and to convey your message to your DP or cinematographer... Read More >>