Twister. Field of Dreams. The Straight Story. About Schmidt. The Bridges Of Madison County. Michael Clayton.

What do the noteworthy films above share in common? All of them have been filmed in whole or in part in the state of Iowa. While Iowa is not the first place people might associate with the film industry, a diversity of locations, state tax incentives and an active base of industry professionals have made Iowa a popular shooting spot for indie and major film projects.

The people featured on this page are all filmmakers and film professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence by attending the Film Connection Film Institute in Iowa. Personally mentored by top industry professionals and trained on-the-job in real Iowa production companies, each of these talented individuals is uniquely qualified to handle your particular film production needs. Please visit their individual websites to learn more about what services they offer, or to learn more about the benefits of attending the Film Connection.

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Latest Blog Entries from Iowa Film Connection Students

Sarah Whitaker

Yipe! *Learning the Art of Balance*Posted by Sarah Whitaker on 2014-12-14

Holy crap! Where is the time going! I was so focused on trying to get Valmy set up as well as the pitch that I completely forgot about my cirriculum homework! ^^; How the heck do I think I'm going to be directing a short movie when I haven't figured out what assistant directors do? BLAAAAH! I'm still on chapter five! I was panicking to find ways to fill hours! O_O Prioritizing for this apprenticeship has been difficult between finalizing the lore on Aetheryn and working on Valmy... Read More >>