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Major: Scriptwriting

Salutations! You stumbled upon the profile of a daring adventurer.

My first stage performance was at the St. Thomas Moore talent show dancing to Kokomo with a beachball wearing shades that I had made. According to my parents, I was making words on the fridge with my letter magnets since I had been a toddler. I drew my first comic book in 6th grade, and wrote my first fan fiction play in 7th grade for an assignment. I was in and out of Drama and Lit club in high school, and knew the arts were my destiny in college.

I studied at Creighton for three years in hopes of going for my BFA in Theater, but I had to know Advanced Algebra or Pre Calculus to pass the core. Words are my thing, not numbers. Deciding to say "buck the status quo" I decided I would follow my dreams of becoming a Pro Wrestler from 2002-2005. Push come to shove, I realized I'd have to compromise my integrity in order to make it in that industry. From there, I went on a decade-long search for a new dream. 

I tried professional gaming for a month. I knew I could beat the average gamer in Smash Bros. Melee, but man... everyone else there was not the average gamer. I tried modeling and got a couple of gigs for wedding shows, but I was told I was too skinny at 230 lbs to be a plus-sized model. I worked at a Popcorn shop, and in a sort of dare, I tried out for American Idol in 2008, knowing full well I was going to be telling a joke. Apparently Simon, Paula, and Randy thought the joke was funny enough to put on TV! From my reputation for infamy, I actually hooked up with a group called TSW (The System Within) based in Atlanta and read my first published short story "The Leper" in front of some influential people in the Hamptons. 

In 2010 I tried my hand at Ministry School and came face to face with some personal stuff that I had to take care of. It was Christmas in 2012 that I finished my novel "The Raggedyman" under the name S. L. Whitaker, finishing a project of 8 years. It has gotten some decent reviews, but I spent all my money getting the thing published and haven't really marketed it that well. From there, I joined up with REG (Revolutionary Entertainment Group) and was planning on writing for television.

... When I realized I have no idea what goes into making a film in the first place.

And that's how I got here!

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