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Yipe! *Learning the Art of Balance* Posted on 2014-12-14 by Sarah Whitaker

Holy crap! Where is the time going! I was so focused on trying to get Valmy set up as well as the pitch that I completely forgot about my cirriculum homework! ^^; How the heck do I think I'm going to be directing a short movie when I haven't figured out what assistant directors do?

BLAAAAH! I'm still on chapter five! I was panicking to find ways to fill hours! O_O

Prioritizing for this apprenticeship has been difficult between finalizing the lore on Aetheryn and working on Valmy. I want Rick to be happy with my work as well as get the needed hours done on time... Bah! Forgot to do my homework! I need to make sure I know how most this stuff works before I attempt it!

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