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Frankenstein VS. The Fourth Reich *HOURS! GLORIOUS HOURS!* Posted on 2014-12-15 by Sarah Whitaker

7:00 pm - 8:15 PM 12/14/14

MUAHAHAHAHAHA! My friends in Lincoln are starting up their movie project after they got married! WHOOO HOOO! ^_^ I actually helped write the script for this one before the Apprenticeship started, but my friends decided that they wanted to get their project back up and running. It's called Frankenstein VS. The Fourth Reich... essentially Frankenstein VS. a super clone of Hitler. They started filming, then the Producer and Director decided to get hitched and the project fell to the wayside when they needed money for the wedding. I was just as the chat meeting about the revival of the movie.

... Good god... that's four things to worry about. Ah well! At least I will have plenty of opportunity in the art of making connections! ^_^

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