Joseph WoodsKansas City Film Connection

Major: Film, Screenwriting, Editing, Lighting

I first want to say that I've have always dreamed of doing something in the movie industry.  I cannot remember the first film I ever saw, but I can remember the impact that it had on my life.  An American Tale was not only a great piece of art but the cataylst for my metamorphsis.  I was at a crossroad in my life whether to do the thing that I was more comfortable with or step out of the box.   I decide to do the later, and resign from my comfortable paying job and into a very risky but rewarding enviroment. 

The film connection has given me quite a way of looking at film. They have made me expand my horizons, and awake my sleeping dream of being a screenwriter.  I have without even knowing it been a student of film.  I cannot tell you the vast amount of films I have seen.  This program has renewed my energy and vigor.  One of the things I like about the program is the honesty.  My mentor Jon Trozzolo from day one has been a great supporter and advocate for me on my journey. 

Movies have been my hobby. I have admire such acclamied director like Steven Spielberg to Quentin Terrantino. I love how movies can make us feel, and effect our lives for better or worst.  I cannot count the number of movies I've seen in my life from, but I can tell you the once I admire. A true artist must be broken down to his essential parts then put back together again.  Movies are expression and I have a lot to express. 

I believe you have to take chances in life and not look back.  I'm not looking back but I will look forward to the journey ahead and see where I end up. I love to be challenged and engaged and movies have always done that to me.  I seek to be one of the few to say yeah I'm that guy.

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