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I am 34 years old. I did a little coumminity college after high school. I had no focus as a young man. I joined the marine corp. I served for 3 years, in afganstian. I came home. I drove semi for a few years. I saw it as my therpay. After 2 years of that. My daughter was born, she is special needs. My wife needed me home for more than once a week. I became a paramedic. I ran with them for a few years. I ended up needing knee surgery, 1 minor surgery turned into 3. I ended up disabled. With nerve damage. I was on disability for a few years. I ran a small youtube channel, thou it never really took off. My love for video making, and editing was their. I wanted to expand my knowldge and possibly get a job as a editor. I was looking for small cheep classes. I was not impressed with any of them. I wanted to go to film school. However I am too old, and couldn\'t afford it. I found the film connection on youtube serarch. I was very excitied. I called them. I went to kansas city and meet my mentor. He loved me. He said amazing things about me. I was accepted it, and now I am in the flim connection program, to become a film editor. I am very happy about this program. I hope to one day be working on major motion pictures in hollywood.

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