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8/22/2016 Posted on 2016-08-23 by Jason Issel

I met with my mentor for the first time today. I got rushed right into the stage for filimg. The were filimg a audio news program. In front of a giant green screen. I help out with setup of the lights, and stage setup. They were showing me the camera they were running. Apprently the dslr had broke. I then watched as they filmed. After that we went into the editing room. We found out their was massive problems. The camera operator had messed up the fps and filmed at 60 fps, the audio and sync was off. My mentor starting playing with it, but couldn't figure out why the audio was coming through as mono and not stero. I told him I'd ran into this error once on my youtube channel. He gaves it to me. I fixed it, then I showed my metor how to fix that error. so I ended up teaching my mentor. Then we got to the actual editing. I had three, seven min videos, to prepare the raw, for the client. I didn't really get the idea behind raw, and got a little carried away. Their wasn't that amazing of coummncation behind what he wanted. Their was a minor mistake made, but undo fixed that. After my second to third video I had it perfect. I was orginal suppose to be their for 4 hours, which turned into 8 hours because of all the mistakes from the camera guy. I and my mentor have a good working relanship. He told me if he heard of any good editing jobs he would give me a referance. That really made me feel good. I go back on friday to help with another shoot.

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