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Major: Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Our ability to experiences is far superior than our ability to express that experience.  It is my feeling that \"art\" is the human attempt to bridge this communicative gap, and it is this feeling that I bring to my work. 

As a child who was born with a stutter, I have been a lifelong student of the interaction between thought and action, as well as an adventurer into the realm of things that lie beyond the barrier of normal human perception.  These challeneges and interests have propelled me towards various endeavors, from becoming a black belt and undeafeted amateur boxer, to acquiring a psychology degree and functioning as a behavioral therapist.  I have also spent a few months running around Europe as a TEFL teacher/tutor and a couple of years in Los Angeles as a certified massage therapist.  These expereiences, and many others, are my pools of insight and inspiration, and I am truly excited to combine my knowledge of pyschophysiology, human behavior, and spiritual intuition in this expressive medium of film.

No project is too big or too small, too deep or too shallow.  Anything I set out to do, I put a personal piece of myself into it.


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Sean Patterson

I have returned!Posted by Sean Patterson on 2016-03-21

  Alright, put in some extra work hours and got me a bunch o' movie makin' equipment.  Have a project I'm putting toegether this month, and I'm going to try and apply just about everything I've learned so far from writing to producing to directing... Read More >>