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Quizzes done!...sort of... Posted on 2015-10-30 by Sean Patterson


TI: 2:45

TO: 2:55


Been a few days since I posted on this thing, but for good reason.  Since my geographical situation is a bit out of the ordinary with regard to my mentor's location, I've been following a different 'path' from the standard operational order.  Anyway, I scored an opportunity to intern on a set, and at the advice of my mentor, shifted focus to getting as many quizzes done as I can before I arrive.  All the quizzes have been competed, with the exception of a few that require me to have meetings with an editor, accountant, etc. that I haven't had the chance to have yet.  I'm not concerned about this, however, as I have no doubt that things things will happen when the time is right.  Now, I get to return focus to my script and completing the rest of the assignments.  As for the intern position, I'm super looking forward to it as it will undoubtedly be an energizing experience.

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