While many people wouldnt immediately associate Louisiana with the film industry in general, in the past decade or so film production has increased dramatically in the state, thanks in part to generous tax incentives offered for filmmakers. Bearing the nickname Hollywood South, Louisiana is currently home to the third largest film industry in the United States, only trailing behind New York and Los Angeles in film production. Shreveport in particular has become a large hub for production, with other hotspots including New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Examples of films shot in Louisiana include The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Guardian, Red, Looper, The Expendables, Green Lantern and many others.

Here on this page you will find featured a number of talented film industry professionals, all of whom received top-shelf training as students of the Film Connection Film Institute in Louisiana. All of these gifted individuals were personally mentored in actual Louisiana production houses and on the set by seasoned film professionals, and all are highly qualified to handle your film production needs. Take a look at their individual websites to find out what production services they have available. If youd like more information about how you can personally connect to the Louisiana film scene as a student of the Film Connection Film Institute, click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Louisiana Film Connection Students

Kari Kennon

Pre ProductionPosted by Kari Kennon on 2017-08-21

At the moment it looks like I'm taking a little bit of a hiatus from shooting scenes.  We have 4 scenes already for the sizzle reel/trailer that I will pitch in October... Read More >>