Ashk MosadeghLouisiana Film Connection

Major: Screenwriting/directing

My name is Ashk Mosasegh and film has always been my dream and passion in life. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but also lived in New Jersey, San Francisco, and Orlando. People used to always tell me my dream, was well, just a dream. Hearing that on a constant basis I decided to dive into the culinary arts and worked in the restaurant industry down here in New Orleans. As much as I gained from the culinary experience, I was not happy. I finally decided to do the thing that drives me the most and enter the Film Connection, ever since I was little I knew I had a connection with film, watching movies after movies for years, and one day I would pursue my dream of doing it. People like to throw out statistics and numbers and say only "bla bla bla percent" make it in this industry and it's a childIsh dream. I refuse to be a statistic and live my life always wondering, "what if?" My feet just jumped in the door but don't ever let anyone tell you want you can and can't do, it's your life so do what makes you happy! 

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