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Kari Kennon

Pre ProductionPosted by Kari Kennon on 2017-08-21

At the moment it looks like I'm taking a little bit of a hiatus from shooting scenes.  We have 4 scenes already for the sizzle reel/trailer that I will pitch in October... Read More >>

Kari Kennon

The Writing ProcessPosted by Kari Kennon on 2017-06-03

Write what you know but what if you end up wallowing in your own past for weeks on end? Write what you know but is it ok for your protagonist to be named after you? If narcissism and reflection on personal experiences leads somehow to more authenticity, is it ok or is it self indulgent?  I am working with my screenwriting mentor on five more occasions... Read More >>

Kari Kennon

Hidden BlessingsPosted by Kari Kennon on 2017-04-13

Buona Serra? Is that how you say good evening in Italiano? So I haven't been great at keeping this blog but I feel like I should comment on a film I worked on today for the Louisiana Film Prize called "Hidden Blessings"... Read More >>