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Pre Production Posted on 2017-08-21 by Kari Kennon

At the moment it looks like I'm taking a little bit of a hiatus from shooting scenes.  We have 4 scenes already for the sizzle reel/trailer that I will pitch in October.  When Lindley gets here, we will shoot 3 or 4 additional scenes to splice together in an order TBD.  The plan is to possibly build a large set piece on one of the sound stages but the details behind that are pending since I can't seem to get the right glue in stock.  I randomly spent $300 ordering the right glue for a set piece which I am only VAGUELY certain will be an integral part of one of the scenes with Lindley.  I think maybe I had too many beers with my family before placing that order.  I added it to my budget sheet so that I can keep track of what I'm spending.  Lowes and Home Depot do not carry the non flammable contact cement that I need so I had to order it from Wal Mart. I'm trying to replicate the construction of a set piece in the spirit of the "Fantastic Mr. Fox" set I worked on in 2011.  It was a children's puppet show that took place in a large interactive card board cavern.  Helping create that space really stuck with me and I want to create a feeling of desperation - here is my art, my palace of cardboard that I am creating for you! A grand gesture! A grand gesture that no man will ever give to you or me but I'll spend a month slaving over it.  I guess I need to pin down the dialogue for that scene but so much will be determined by how my friend receives the grand gesture of cardboard.  The cardboard palace scene is a dream sequence for two women who are trying to find a place in the world as artists after having undergone some traumatic experiences.  

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