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Louisiana Film Prize 2018 Posted on 2017-08-21 by Kari Kennon

When I finish my promotional material I plan to pitch my "sizzle reel" to a Film Connection producer and get some feedback.  Also, my sizzle reel/trailer will also allow me to pitch my "brand" to my parents and others who may be interested in creating a Louisiana Film Prize project with me. I'm always amazed at how much people spend on even short films in this area so I'm hoping to get between 10 and 15K for my project.  The feature script and the material I've shot so far may not be as relevant to me next year.  I may want to veer onto another path as far as the themes of my content but regardless I am laying a foundation now to submit a short film in the future.  One of my goals is to hire a DP for the duration of my production.  I also want to get more compentant at editing on my own but I also have some help from a friend who is certified in Adobe Premiere.  It seems that a bunch of my friends in the arts community have contacted me in the past few weeks and I think that I have a combined sum of musical, acting and technical talent to snythesize a festival quality project by next spring.  Still a lot more research and reading for me to accomplish before I start finishing my promotional material next month.  The emotional intelligence it takes to bridge the gaps between different people is significant.  I'm really blessed that I have talented friends such as Emily, Camille and Christian and Lindley who will help me pull this off.  My local mentor was particularly impressed with Christian's portrayal of the stuffy nurse in the last scene that we shot.  One ITEM on the AGENDA is creating a poster for the project that will encompass the segments we have shot so far.  I have been in touch with a local graphic designer at a printing company and I have a solid concept and photos for the poster - it just needs to be printed out.  I'm going to interview one of my actors in front of it as though the project in its entirety were already completed - just like you would see on E! entertainment. That's my update.

 Now time to watch the eclipse. 

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