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Onward and Upward - Finishing the Sizzle Reel Posted on 2017-10-17 by Kari Kennon

This program has been rewarding.  Wish I had other students to go have a drink with now that it's over.  Seems there are just two of us in the area who have completed the Film Connection program.  I have completed all 21 quizzes and assigments for each chapter. I have completed the writing exercises my screenwriting mentor gave me. I have worked on this blog.  Last week I finished editing my Sizzle Reel which is 12 minutes - a bit long for a sizzle reel. A friend of mine came in from Virginia and she and I finished the project together.  It was very meaningful to have her involved because we were both able to create some closure surrounding some expeirences we had in our twenties.  We had a very triumphant and comedic ending for the project and we were able to edit it over the course of two or three days. Fortunately I have a friend who was certified in Adobe Premiere and we consulted her twice but mostly I made the decisions with the editing. I was really thrilled to start and finish a cohesive piece.  I can't say that my talents warrant a $20,000 budget at this point but I will give myself a pat on the back for A.) Coordinating some great people and coaching them to the best of my abilities B.) Learning Adobe Premiere C.) Creating a great poster which served as a backdrop for the Interview portion of my sizzle reel D.) perservering for 9 months and chipping away at each scene.  E.) Collaborating and being flexible in following my own instincts as well as others' instincts. All in all, the subject matter for this sizzle reel was very personal and it was somewhat difficult to find a "PR Statement" when my friend and I would gallavant around town.  People would inevitably ask us what we were up to.  We just said "it's about people struggling to get through their 20's".  The truth is, the project is about mental illness and people in recovery.  To be quite honest, I think I have purged some of these adolescent recollections out of my system and I'm ready for other themes.  I think I will always be an advocate for removing the stigma associated with so many diagnoses, but ultimately I want to dwell on some other ideas. Current fixations include, the Arthurian legend, Parsifal, Renaissance fairs, Pre Raphaelites and Romantic Poets. 



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