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Marcus Collins has had a passion for writing and storytelling ever since he could remember. He\'d read every book he could get his hands on and fully immerse himself within the fictional worlds. Doing his teenage year he\'d fell in love with the art of visual storytelling, and when he discovered that he could be apart of making the big budget Hollywood films he loved so much he jumped at the opportunity. He\'d written poems, short stories, and even novels, but he\'d never written a script. Marcus would then pull from every possible resource that he could find so that he could become a better screenwriter. He\'d learn to format and how to structure within this particular medium of storytelling. He learned how the industry worked, and the different positions that different professional had. He would learn then that the role of producer blended perfectly with his natural business and entrepreneurial traits. He loved that within this medium of storytelling that he could not only be creative, but he could also dive into his passion for business.  From this point on Marcus knew that being a Screenwriter and producer would become his life long passion and career.

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