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Shooting My ScriptPosted by Jazmin Villa on 2016-09-14

As the days get closer to shoot, things start to get more and more intense. For an example you might experience heat waves, high blood pressure, biting your nails way too often and eating too much or none at all... Read More >>

Jazmin Villa

Books, Screenplay and MoviesPosted by Jazmin Villa on 2016-01-11

The books, movies and my mentors screen play are sources helping me understand the breakdowns of basic story telling. The books I was recommended by both of my mentors Laura and Hallie is helping me to inform myself with steps of writing showing me tips and tricks... Read More >>

Jazmin Villa

Blog number 3Posted by Jazmin Villa on 2015-10-28

Jazmin Villa Time in: 4:10 Time out: 4:40 Last week we shot the last scene for “Last Seen in Idaho” I had the opportunity to work and learn how to operate the audio, thankfully I was not sore the next dayJ I am feeling more confidence working in the field and confidents with my mentor Hallie and Eric I am learning so much with them and the best is to observe how everything works... Read More >>