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Throwing it way back to my first-time experience Posted on 2016-11-29 by Jazmin Villa

I would like to mention this web series was my first experience put on set without knowing no one and basically starting fresh. All I knew was I would be working with the DP and a really good one, so you can get a good idea of how nervous I was. I arrived to place early and park then went out to pay for my parking, keep in mind it was Sunday. There were few people passing by and they all kept looking at me weird, til Ryan the DP came out and said to me that "parking is free on Sundays". I felt so embarrass at the moment especially because Ryan was the one that told me, the guy I am trying to impress here and at the same time I couldn't believe the other people that passed by and didn't tell me anything, it would have helped.  


Right, when I got there one of the actors asked me to get them coffee, so I did and I was happy to get her coffee the only problem was that making coffee is my biggest weakness. You see I don't drink a lot of coffee and when I do I pour a whole gallon of milk which I don't think it makes it coffee anymore. Plus people like their coffee different ways and usually when they ask for coffee they don't describe how they want it, that's always a challenge for me but I was able to guess it right, she seemed to really like it. Finally, I was put back to my place as a 2nd AC which I started to learn so much right away. I gave my best effort to be on top of things and remembering as much as I could on set that day. I knew I had a lot to improve but again it was my first time working with the camera department. By the end of the day, I made couple friends which I was surprised because there wasn't really much time to even talk. After, they asked me if I could join them again for their last day which was the next day. I quickly said yes, then I found out the location was an hour drive, I was a bit scared how quick things were moving but I didn't want it to stop me from learning. 

The next day, I was able to carpool there, just the whole thing was an overall learning experience, for it to my first time. I learn to prepare for indoors and out and all the different techniques needed. The best part was I got the chance to be able to see intends stuff for an example police breaking into a house, also have a vicious dog barking at the actors and how they faked a wall to be able to break into. So many cool things I was part of those two days. One other thing was they also had a drone which was really cool to watch. It got entertaining real quick, we even had a small crowd of people from the neighborhood standing around taking pictures and video, which everybody was okay with.

Overall it was a good first-time experience, I had a great time working with everyone on set, everybody there was so helpful willing to help one another. 


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