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September "Masters of the Box" Posted on 2018-10-02 by Aaron Weitlauf

I had the privilege of directing and editing the behind the scenes video for Sergio Vasquez new youtube series “Masters of the box”. Zac Adams is my mentor in Nashville and he invited me to set with another promising filmmaker conner stifiel he and I met and had a great time filming the behind the scenes footage. Conducting the editing process was a collaborative effort and I learned a lot about the interview process while on site. The key to making this shoot work was to get a lot of footage that fit the theme of the shoot. Dungeon and Dragons is a tabletop game the story is a mix between the live action table game and a realistic reenactment with humor. It's almost like a medieval comedy mixed with The office.  I'm very proud to have been a part of this project it's a really fun environment. This program is not only educating me but getting me working in the film industry I was even welcomed back by the cast and crew for the next shoot... Being on a film set is such a privilege, even as a PA even as like someone who's helping with the shoot. I feel like it's an honor I'm grateful for the opportunity to be on a film set like that it's almost like a fantasy. Lord of the Rings theme elements is why I got into filmmaking is because I’m a huge fan of those genres and extremely well versed in its nomenclature. It's hard to apply your knowledge of goblins and trolls in a workplace but on a film set its welcomed. my information feels useful for once. To be able to shoot a behind the scenes video for Sergio has been the most enlightening experience in this program thus far.


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