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Alexx Benatuil

January 14thPosted by Alexx Benatuil on 2015-01-14

For the past couple of days I've been working on my film reel. This has been a treat because, I've gotten a chance to go through all my old work, some of which I haven't watched in a long time... Read More >>

Alexx Benatuil

First dayPosted by Alexx Benatuil on 2015-01-06

1) Date of Session: 1/5/15 2) Time in:9:00am 3) Time out: 7:00 pm 4) Lesson #:1   Yesterday my mentor Jon Rizzo and I headed out to Haverhill to shoot footage for a Ski Bradford commercial spot... Read More >>

Alexx Benatuil

Assignment onePosted by Alexx Benatuil on 2014-12-24

I'm new to the practice of blogging so I'll treat this section like a journal I'm keeping. The past week has been full of congradulations in my life for getting into the program even though I haven't completed a single project... Read More >>