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Jarrod Vanzo

7/25/14Posted by Jarrod Vanzo on 2014-07-25

Dan and I met earlier this week to test out a couple of methods of capturing spooky, eerie footage. I researched ways to recreate that creepy, jerky movement you see in horror movies like The Ring or any recent haunted house picture released... Read More >>

Jarrod Vanzo

CHAPTER 19, pt 2Posted by Jarrod Vanzo on 2014-06-28

6/25/14 from 7:45pm to 10:45pm Tonight, Dan and I worked on motion capture for the political ads. The candidate, Greg, wanted an animated commercial that featured his character fixing things while his opponent droned on and on at the podium... Read More >>

Jarrod Vanzo

CHAPTER 16Posted by Jarrod Vanzo on 2014-05-24

5/24/14 from 12:30pm to 2:30pm Dan and I met with Liz from Delirio Del Arte, a group of professional “idiots” that perform at various Renaissance (Spelled it without the assist of Auto-Correct... Read More >>