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Bring a Good Attitude and Gloves Posted on 2017-03-20 by Kristina Keefer

1) Date of Session: 3/2/17
2) Time in: 10 AM
3) Time out: 5 PM
4) Lesson #: 3

After a long break because of the way this bipolar weather punched my immune system in the face, I was ready to get back to the studio. On the schedule for the day was filming a commercial for upcoming bluetooth earbuds. We started the day off in the studio, looking over equipment and waiting for the models for the video. Usually I just focus on bringing my phone to take some pictures of the activities throughout the day, and never about how I should fix my chipped nails. This was unfortunate for me, because I was surprised to hear that I would hand model a little bit for the commercial. In a perfectionist attempt to fix my nails for this part that hopefully will be edited the crap out of or replaced with some stop motion, I gave myself french tips with a random bottle of white nail polish found in the studio. Also, my nails were red so I looked like an over enthusiastic elf. After some shots with the earbuds and their case, my mentors worked on some stop motion. The earbuds hop out of the case, switch spaces, and do a little dance. One case was black, and the other white, which led to a conversation about the movement that's being created for racial equality. Using bluetooth earbuds. Maybe it won't be seen that way, but we talked about it so that happened. After working inside with some solo shots of the earbuds while the model for the filming got ready, it was time to go outside for some athletic shots of the earbuds in action. We departed for Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids. I was ready to hold equipment and watch and learn, however my hands were not ready. I always make a note to myself to bring gloves whenever I go outside to take pictures or film, but I always forget about that note. It was about 29 degrees out and slightly windy, not an ideal weather situation. Although when filming needs to get done, it gets done, come hell or high water. After the filming of the model running with the earbuds in, me and my hands that matched my nail color were ready to get back inside. Overall the day was a great learning experience, sometimes standing back and absorbing the scene helps to associate yourself with your goals. One of the things that I learned was that I am probably not going to make it as a hand model, and that's alright with me. 

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