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Pitch Reel & Script Excerpts Posted on 2017-03-20 by Jacob Richardson

Back in December I spent a day shooting my pitch reel with my mentor Travis and a couple of friends assisted with filling roles and being crew members. The shoot went well, and I learned plenty about what being on a small set is like. When it came time to edit, the learning process went a little slowly at first, but toward the end of video's edit, I grasped the software and process much more efficiently. Overall, the process was equally plenty of fun and plenty of stress, but most importantly, a great learning experience about the amount of effort that goes into any type of video. Whether it be film, or commercial, the process requires a great amount of devotion and concentration.

Provided are the YouTube link to my Pitch Reel, along with the excerpts from my script that coincide with it. I'll throw in a couple of behind the scenes pics, as well.



(It wouldn't only let me upload them sideways.)


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