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Major: Film

Film is one of the greatest escapes. It can take you places you would have never imagined which in turn expands your very own imagination. As soon as this happened to me I couldn't help but want to create stories of my own. I would make silly movies with my friends, but what really intrigued me the most was writing short stories about anything or nothing in particular. I always had the inspiration and motivation to create.

I am also a musician. In high school I started learning guitar and drums. Music is the root of most ideas I get since it captures mood better than anything. From mood I find a setting and from that setting a character and a conflict. 

Other than those two main key components in my life, I am very extroverted, love food, and have the travelers bug. I lived a year in Sweden and during that time traveled tons within Sweden and around Europe. That was one of those experiences that is near impossible to put into words. 

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Shane Rinker

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Shane Rinker

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