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ninth lesson Posted on 2018-01-29 by Daniel Yarbrough

This chapter on Cinematography has probably been the hardest one for me at least as as far as being able to understand terminology and ideas. Both the technical side of camera operations and the artistic side of visually being able to understand what composition makes for the best shot are things I find myself struggling with in learning about film making. Because of that this chapter was both informative and a bit of a slog to get through. Because of that I may find myself revisiting it if I like it or not until I can better memorize and understand the terms and ideas involved with camera operation.


I’ve met with Jon Trozzolo three times to get some hands on work on video editing. He had me put together a commercial video using a spoken statement he filmed and mixing it with stock footage and music. I used Adobe Primer program to edit and I think I did pretty well for being first time learning the program, also learning the computer system as I’m also not used to the MAC system he has. We worked for about three hours in each meet up and finished the three minute video to send to his client. Like with the camera work I’m not sure how well I am getting the technical aspects of editing but I do feel I have a pretty good eye for matching visuals and sounds to create an effective narrative.


Rex Piano was good enough to rewrite the first few pages of my script to give me an idea of some of the changes I need to tweak in my writing. It helped to give me a visual on where I need to cut back on or change how to put my more long winded writing into a proper script. So it gives me an idea where to go with revising my script to make it better.

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