Blass GraciaModesto Film Connection

Major: Director/ Writer


  • My name is Blass Gracia, I went to school for about six years not knowing what i wanted to do for a living. In grade school all i was told was that I could be whatever I wanted. Well, for me it was a different story, I did not have the funds for a four year university. So, I went to a community college and took as many majors as I could but found nothing. I started hanging out with a rock band on the fifth year of school. I picked up a camera and started recording their concerts. I enjoyed it very much and people who weren't able to go to the concerts watched my videos. I thought to myself that I could do this for a living and after talking to my parents about it... "BOOM" I was online looking for schools. I fell Upon FilmConnection and now I am enrolled and enjoying it.