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Major: Directing, Producing, Screenwriting

28 year old Las Vegas native. Currently pursuing a dream in filmmaking, more specifically in screenwriting. Some of my favorite movies include: Crash, City of God, Man on Fire, Gladiator, Charlie Countrymen, and The Selfish Giant. I like to read/write, cycle, rock climb, people watch, and dissect movies. I love to travel and have been to Thailand and lived in Mexico City. I am fluent in spanish and could eat tacos al pastor and enchiladas verdes daily. I come from a family of six children so I know what it\'s like to share and have a fun time. I want to be a part of the film industry because I love stories and the impact they have on our lives. What better way is there to learn than through Film Connection? 



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Garrett Best

Week 4Posted by Garrett Best on 2015-07-06

This week we were able to review many of the notes we have been working on relating to the script. There is a hope of doing one more draft and then actual prepping for the movie Joel and Don are bringing to life... Read More >>