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Meeting my Mentor Posted on 2018-02-19 by Gilbert Navarro

On February 15th, I finally met my new possible mentor, Lindsay Norgard. 

He invited me to his home and it was an interesting experience. He told me about how long he has been in the business, which was about 30 years or so. He then showed me some movie props and what caught my eye the most was a prop against one of his walls. This particular prop was from one of the sets of Stargate. I was impressed. Lindsay told me that he comes across some unique props. He is also a collector of unique antiques. Ones that have meaning to him. 

Over the course of our meeting, Lindsay told me some of the things he would like to shoot and also asked if I would like to be in front of the camera. I told him no problem. He does seem to want to show me the functions of operating a movie camera and seems to have the necessary experience and knowledge for this.

I'm really excited to learn about this. 

At the time, he didn't have Chapter 1 read from the etext book so we couldn't discuss that chapter. I did hand him my answers and the grade I received. 

Lindsay wasn't to sure just yet on what to do so I told him to get in touch with the school for some guidance on what to teach me. 

When I was leaving, he told me that he would read over chapter one and would look over my answers and to call him the next day, which I did. 

On Friday, February, 16th we spoke about chapter one and how he said he was in the same studio building when Quentin Tarantino and Sam Rami just happened to be in production with their first movies. I found that fascinating since I am a big fan of both those directors. Lindsay did say he liked my answers and we touched on the Auteur Theory and who Francois Truffaut was.

We then discussed how we can go out and film whatever we can so I can gain experience. 

We then discussed my three loglines for movies and I told him about what I was beginning to develop and that my story was on bullying. He liked where I was going with it but wanted to read what I had for loglines. I told him I would email them to him.

Since I emailed my loglines to him, I told him I would get in touch with him to discuss my ideas. I texted and emailed him and haven't heard anything back this weekend. I will reach out to him again on Monday the 20th. 

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